Rag Quilt Class Supply List


1-4 hour session (or 2-2 hour sessions0 to get you on your way to a wonderfully soft, washable and usable quilt with endless possibilities. You will cut, design, and get your quilt going to finish at home.

Supply List:

  • Fabric * : 100% cotton Flannels work the best.   Some 100% cotton Denims, Home spuns can also work. You want fabrics that will ravel and fray!   Do NOT prewash!!! (polys, blends, fleece are NOT good choices)
  • Self healing cutting mat (approx. 17×24” or larger): Mat Link
  • Rotary cutter (with fresh blade)
  • Thread to match or contrast — as you choose. (you can use one thread in the bobbin and different on the top — all your design choices)


  • (You will want some Rag Quilt scissors for the last step of your quilt (these really help the process finish well)  but don’t need them for the class:                        http://www.amazon.com/Fiskars-Softouch-Spring-Action-Quilter/dp/B00083QPVW                                                             or   http://www2.fiskars.com/Products/Crafting-and-Sewing/Scissors-and-Shears/Titanium-Micro-Tip-Easy-Action-Scissors-No.-5                                                                      or   http://www2.fiskars.com/Products/Crafting-and-Sewing/Scissors-and-Shears/Easy-Action-Rag-Quilt-Snip-for-Tabletop-Cutting-8

* Fabric needs:

This plan is for a throw size quilt – approx 48″ x 70″

You will make 54 – 9″ squares for the front and 54 for the back.

The front and backs can be the same or the back can be all the same/one print (which I usually do)

You can use as few or as many prints as you like.

  • Each ’45” ‘ width of fabric yields 4 – 9″ squares
  • Each yard of fabric yields approx 16 – 9″ squares
  •  the front needs a total of 3 1/2 yards
  • the back needs a total of 3 1/2 yards
  • How much total fabric  you need of each depends on how many prints you use.
  • an example: 4 prints = approx 14 – 9″ squares of each = so approx 1 yard of each for each for the front
  • When buying fabric, think in multiples of 9″ for lenghts of fabrics