Janet began sewing as a young girl under the instruction of her mother. She continued throughout her childhood and young adulthood.
She received a degree in teaching and during this time, she discovered the world of theatre and costumes. She has spent over 15 years creating costumes for theatres, opera, and video.
As an experienced professional, Janet studied costume history and construction at the University of South Carolina, stitched for the Utah Shakespeare Company and worked wardrobe in Italy for La Musica Lirica.
With her background in teaching, she enjoys sharing her knowledge of fabric and creation with others.


Kathy has also been sewing since she was a young girl, under the tutelage of her skilled mother. She has continued sewing ever since, making most of her clothing during her high school years and also trying her hand at quilting and crafting.

She has 30 years experience teaching elementary and middle school, and also teaches children and adult piano lessons.

She loves sharing her interest and skills with others to help ignite and further their interest.