Zipper Class

(Prerequisite: Beginning sewing completed)


  • Regular zipper foot (usually included with your machine)
  • Invisible zipper foot (can usually be purchased at most fabric stores. Some have different adapters to fit different machines.
  • 2 regular polyester zippers (length doesn’t really matter)
  • 1 invisible zipper
  • 3 “larger” fabric scraps (the weight of muslin, quilting cotton, or a bed sheet), at least as long as your zipper(s)
  • thread (best to contrast with zipper and fabric – so we can SEE our learning process)
  • dressmaker pins
  • cutting shears/scissors)
  • seam ripper
  • 1/2 wide scotch tape

We will install 2 regular/standard zippers using 2 different methods and an invisible zipper.    You can reuse the zippers on a future project !)